I've been having drain problems for a long time. A couple of plumbers came out and told me it would cost thousands to dig up my sewer line and replace it. The guys at Rapid Plumbing said it was a clog in the line. They clear it out and now everything works great!! It was quick, easy, and didn't cost me thousands. Thank you!!
Olivia R. Riverside, California
My backed up kitchen sink was driving me nuts. I kept putting off calling a plumber. But then the smell got bad, so I broke down and called. Turned out to be a quick fix and the tech was so professional and respectful of my home. Didn’t even leave a mess. Thank you, Rapid Plumbing!
Samantha J. Chula Vista, California
Needing a plumber has got to be one of the bigger stressors of being a homeowner. You’re worried about how expensive it’s going to be and whether they’re going, to be honest about how much work you need. I don’t worry anymore. I called them for my leaking pipes and SRapid Plumbing earned my business for life! Need an honest plumber – Call them!
Timothy K. Bakersfield, California
I’ve used Rapid Plumbing two separate times now. First for a clogged toilet. I was so happy with their service and how professional and responsible the tech was that I called them when I was ready to change out my water heater. They gave me a competitive quote and did the job quickly. Great work! Top recommendation from me.
John S. Anaheim, California
I've always been wary of getting professionals involved in my home projects, especially sensitive matters like water and power -- what if they make the issue worse? These folks showed up around 4 a.m. and had a major line flood solved before dawn. Let's just say that I'd definitely call them again
Jeremiah S. in Culver City, CA
Happy to recommend Rapid Plumbing. They did an excellent job on my kitchen remodel! We had a very specific budget, and I really appreciated knowing what I would need to pay upfront. They also had some really helpful suggestions. Now, I’m in love with my kitchen again! Give them a call if you have a remodeling job that needs a plumbing expert.
Brenda W. Los Angeles, California
If you’ve ever had to deal with a flooded bathroom, you know what a pain it is. For me, it was made even worse because my in-laws were coming to visit. I called Rapid Plumbing, and they came right out and fixed the problem. I was so frantic, I hadn’t even price compare, but they didn’t take advantage of me at all. They will be my go-to for now on.
Dana F. San Diego, California